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  • Just trying out the customization features of the task bar.  Although the default is a bit too Mac like and I didn't really like it in the end, a bit of customization makes it a bit more usable.

    Although there is usually a need for taskbar grouping especially on smaller screens, I don't like the "always group" default.  This forces the user to always have to go through two clicks instead of one if he happens to open up two windows for one application.  I think the better default would be to group when the task bar is full.  Having this configuration allows users who have to work in multiple windows to switch between windows at a single click rather than click, wait for popup, click.

    Speaking of full the default size is way too big (just like the Mac dock) screen real estate is still a limited commodity especially for people who actually need to do work rather than manipulating icons all day.  So I think it should be left with small icons like it always had in the past.

    The Show desktop icon on the right side is not too bad.  It's probably the best place for it at the moment.

    There's a bit of padding around the icons as well which I am not too keen on.

    One thing missing from the task bar is the "always hide label" option for a pinned task item.  This will allow me to hide the label for "Sticky Notes"

    I like the drag and drop capability of the task bar now, but I am missing is the capability of dragging and dropping the task bar item to the right side so say I want my sticky notes icon to be on the right side of the task bar rather than grow with the system I don't have that option at the moment.

    I also noticed probably unexpected behaviour when doing keyboard navigation with the window key.  It works for the most part.  I kind of wish there was a way to say focus on application tray only without requiring one window to be open.  I was thinking Window-Space would be an availble key at the moment.  Though I would like Window Space to be reserved to show desktop gadgets or even bring up the search bar on the start menu (win key does that right now, but it is a bit inconvenient to think of at times because Win key is used as a modifier key a lot).
    Tuesday, June 30, 2009 6:46 PM