ynchronise Office 365 Team Site with a local server for office workers, and mapped network drives for remote workers.


  • I'm a lone IT technician supporting a number of small businesses, many of whom I've migrated to Office 365. Some of those businesses are small enough to just use OneDrive and Sharepoint, others have a Windows server in the office for file sharing.

    I'm finding that more and more, users need to have something as simple as a mapped network drive to the Documents folder on their Sharepoint Team Site. They know how to use that. They know that their company stuff is on the Z: drive. Simple. They can't get on with signing in to Sharepoint and managing their files through a web browser, and I don't blame them.

    The new OneDrive allows you to synchronise Team Site folders with the PC, and that's great, but really not practical. I can't expect my users to manage which folders they want to synchronise locally, and in most cases, they don't need or want the entirety of any one folder copied to their PC, they just want to open the document they need.

    I have a client for whom I've set up shortcuts in File Explorer to Sharepoint, but despite various solutions, the connection to that drive will timeout, and they have to visit the Sharepoint site to sign in again, to 're-activate' their File Explorer shortcut. Not ideal.

    I'm now finding that it would be great for staff to be able to have their Team Site synchronised with their server, so they can use local file sharing in the office, and a mapped drive to Sharepoint when they're working remotely. I suppose I could do something like that using OneDrive on the server and a dummy Office 365 admin account, but the server would have to have an admin signed in at all times for that to work.

    Egnyte is a system that one of my new clients already had set up, and that works really well for mapping a drive to their cloud storage, but they want something like £400 per month to have it synchronise with a VM on the server. Urgh.

    Does anyone have any miracle solutions, or some advice?

    TL;DR: Need to be able to synchronise Office 365 Team Site with a local server for office workers, and have reliable mapped network drives to that Team Site for remote workers.

    Monday, March 6, 2017 12:38 PM

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  • Hi Robin Whiting,

    We can access the mapped network drives from outside the network through the VPN.

    Setup a VPN to connect the network externally, and give appropriate permissions to users to make sure users are able to access it.

    Best regards,

    Linda Zhang

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    Wednesday, March 8, 2017 9:10 AM