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    I have an old hard drive that I had lying around and am wondering if anyone can help or guide me through the process of recovering some of my files. I say some because I can access most of my files that are not encrypted, however, some of my photos,music and documents appear to be encrypted with EFS. I am not sure how this happened since its been some time that I have accessed the hard drive. I tried Googling solutions such as taking ownership so that I could have full control of the hard drive but it is not working. The files that are encrypted show a LOCK icon in the thumbnail. If I right click on the file and then click on "Advanced" in the attributes section, then Details in the "Compress or Encrypt attributes" section, there is a username listed as "user xp(user xp@PC-D36E506A2432) Certificate thumbprint [many numbers and letters]" with no option to either remove or add Users who can access this file. All of my files (docs, pictures, and music) are from the years 2008-2010 and some photos I don't have backed up. Is there any way I can regain access to these files? Or is it simply a dead end and there is no way to access my files. I might still have the old desktop but I think it has a linux operating system (probably Ubuntu) so I am not sure how helpful it would be.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Tuesday, October 22, 2019 4:08 PM