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    Vista has the new complete PC backup but its giving me alot of problems.


    Background Info:

    - Operating System on RAID 0 (2x WD Raptors) Roughly 275 GB

    - Data on RAID 5 (3x Samsung Spinplates) Roughly 1 TB


    When I try to use the complete PC backup solution the first thing that is annoying is that I cant choose my second drive to backup to?  It just doesnt show up in the list.  Ok fine, so I turn my Plextor DVD burner on and It allows me to backup to this.  However, the catch is it wont let me only backup my C Drive(RAID 0) it also forces me to backup my D drive (RAID 5).  This creates a problem because thats over 150 DVD's


    I just want to do a complete PC Backup of My C drive(the RAID 0 OS) to my RAID 5(data store). 


    Whats going on?

    Tuesday, August 28, 2007 2:13 AM