TMG2010 as gateway and routing


  • Hi.

    My tmg is serving as a gateway and firewall to my internal networks. In network n1 i got vpn server which is connected to azure. is my azure network is my n1 network

    My vpn server to azure(site to site) has ip .227. When i add route on any of my n1 servers:

    route add -p mask

    This server is talking with my azure servers and vice versa, no problems. But adding this on every server is pain in the ass and i would like to do this on my tmg server which is set as gateway on every machine. But i cannot get it to work.

    tmg has internal and external nic. I see this route in tmg but it is not working. Nor tmg nor servers in n1 cannot talk to azure machines... Routing is not my primary topic, so I wonder if any of You guys can help with this... 

    Tuesday, March 13, 2018 12:53 PM