5 Minute Logon Delay on Client PCs - SMS Agent Host and NAP Client Service RRS feed

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  • All domain PCs sit at Please Wait for approx. 5 minutes when starting up.

    When checking the event logs I have found the following 2 entries that correspond with a 5 minute gap in the event log during startup:

    I have found these to be:

    NAP Client Service and SMS Agent Host respectively.

    I can change the permissions for the SMS Agent Host to allow Local Activation for Network Service which fixed the issue, I can't change the permissions on the NAP Client Service (need to go into the registry I think and take ownership/change permissions first).

    We do use SCCM, so what's going wrong with the client on all the PCs that's causing a 3 minute delay? How do we find out? Is this a known issue or something with a workaround? Do we have to deploy this fix to the 120 affected PCs?

    As for the NAP... We don't use this in anyway. There is nothing in Group Policy regarding this whatsoever and I have no idea why it's even starting on the PCs, let alone failing. What is happening with this?

    Thursday, September 27, 2012 2:26 AM

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  • Just checked by running the following that NAP isn't even enabled on one of the affected PCs. So how come the service for it is causing 2 minutes delay on 120 PCs???

    netsh nap client show state
    The "Network Access Protection Agent" service is not running.

    Thursday, September 27, 2012 2:46 AM