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  • OS: Windows 7 (64-bit)

    Issue: certain video media files are playing with broken images in certain media players:
    - the colors are all wrong (they may be inverted); green becomes red, etc.
    - all seems to be displayed in large, fuzzy soft edged blocks, instead of clear pixels

    I went through re-install of codecs, both via the K-lite codec collection,
    but also via the K-lite codecs

    This had no impact at all, but then I figured out that VLC kept playing correctly, no matter what.
    I re-installed MPC-HC, disabled and enabled WMP, but that has no effect. Also installed PotPlayer.
    All of these play the same file in the same incorrect way.

    Another place where an issue is seen, is with the Apple's Aerial screensaver (which is very nice BTW)
    This basically is a screensaver that plays media files (of type .MOV)
    It has the same incorrect behaviour as with the failing media players itself

    affected media formats:

    affected media players:
      MPC-HC (Media Player Classic)
      WMP (Windows Media Player)

    All of these players are running the latest versions

    Media formats playing correctly on ALL media players:
      none, it seems

    Media players having no issue:

    Re-installing Windows is not an option here, one because it is not possible technically but
    two, because the issue is not annoying enough.

    I did go through a complete re-install of Microsoft Visual C++ and Microsoft .NET
    ( All with the latest versions )
    This software is installed correctly, and seems to work correctly, but I should admit
    I'm not aware of specific software using any of these two tools

    The Windows installation is very clean & patched, no other software is failing
    Virusscanners are active, SFC is OK

    Not sure in which direction to look next

    Current workaround : all media files to be played using VLC only.
    Possibly de-installing all other players, since they do not work anyway.
    WMP would be left enabled since disabling causes other software to fail.

    I did notice that MPC has no entry in the "open with" function in MS Explorer,
    despite I can open files with this player

    Question: what is wrong, and how to correct ?
    Wednesday, January 23, 2019 8:30 PM

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