Can we create replica for a Moss 2007 SharePoint list in the same site.? RRS feed

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    We have Moss 2007 list with 10K records. we would like to migrate that list items in to new version, ShareGate throws error because list have many hidden fields with same GUID. as we know field Id should be unique. Anyhow list is created by users long back. now to fix this issue what is best idea.

    Also tried to get those hidden fields to delete, but no luck, script is working but still duplicate fields are referring.

    1.Create one more farm in production to make changes.

    2. can db team create/Replica only that particular list(different name) in the same site ....? 

    3.We have tried to create backup and restore but since its Custom list(.wsp) that same feature is not working in TestProd.

    Kindly help with even steps also ASAP.

    First we need to make correct the corrupted list(avoid or remove duplicate fields with same GUID).


    Friday, November 1, 2019 6:58 AM