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    On our sharepoint website, the Site Usage Reports are timing out for 'Sites' (subsites) although it still works for the 'SiteCollection'. We are MOSS with SP2.

    We have noticed following in error logs -

    This Stored Proc is called and goes on and on and on and then the client times out (the w3wp process thread aborts) - SqlCommand: 'dbo.proc_ANL_WebTopClickthroughPagesByHits'

    This is the page which gets called - ._layouts_spusageweb_aspx.ProcessRequest(HttpContext context)

    Can someone pl advise whats going on and any fix/resolution/etc.


    Tuesday, March 27, 2012 4:14 PM

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  • Hi

    Its me again.

    We have been trying to investigate and have found the following -

    Looks like the Site Usage Report function calls a series of Stored Procs in Content and SSP DB's. In this case, it fails in SSP DB.

    The error logs report Connection Timeout as follows -

    App=Windows SharePoint Services;Timeout=15'    ConnectionState: Closed ConnectionTimeout: 15

    There's a property called 'database-connection-timeout' which can be set using 'stsadm'. We have tried to change this from default '15' to '30' and then '45' and then '60'. Originally it was failing on 'dbo.proc_ANL_WebTopClickthroughPagesByHits'.

    With a timeout of '30' it progressed further and was failing on 'dbo.proc_ANL_WebSummary'.

    With a timeout of '45' it progressed further and was failing on 'dbo.proc_ANL_WebTopReferrersByHits'

    Sadly, the stsadm is not setting the timeout to '60' although it does report a successful run of the command (stsadm -o property...).

    The silly thing is that the Usage Report for the 'Site Collection' runs fine and that has a bigger footprint.

    We are stuck with this completely.

    We have re-started the Timer service as well, but to no avail and are going to run the Config wizard later on.

    Can someone pl help/advice.


    Wednesday, March 28, 2012 3:48 PM