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    at first sorry if this is not an appropriate way or not the right part for my question. I really appreciate help with this problem because i am running out of time. I am writing on a very important paper for my studying and i have chosen the topic application virtualization with App-V. For my study i have installed the App-V 4.5 in a virtual environment to play with all functionalities. I got to run the whole Management Server infrastructure with Sql server and active directory and the branch solution with the additional streaming server. What i use is a shared folder on the management server as content folder and stream the .sft,osd and icon files out of this folder via RSTP.

    My question is now how do i have to change my configuration to stream the applications via http or https? On the client site i just can specify the server and nothing else. I have some understanding problems with this approach. When i connect to the Management server via RSTP connection then the management server is responsible to inform the client which applications i get and which i am are allowed to excecute or not? if i just connect to the e.g. http://iisappserver:80/content then who is doing the management part? I was going again through the streaming process to figure out if i might have forgotten something but i couldn't find anything beside the protocoll and the destination the package will be stored later. I installed the IIS 6 on a win 2003 R2 server and added the mime types for the folders but when i connect with the Client to it (like i wrote by just creating a new publishing server on the client and then add the http:location:80/content/) i get an incorrect function error message back.

    Could somebody help me with this isue? My problem is that i do not really understand how that should work because in all papers, white papers and web sites it is just mentioned that it is possible... but i couldn't really find anywhere how to setup it up.

    If somebody could explain that to me or just give me some sources that would be highest appriciated.

    Thanks in advance.


    Saturday, September 26, 2009 2:41 AM


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