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    Recently, we are experiencing following internet explorer/google chrome/firefox browsing issues and getting "This web page cannot be displayed" or "error connection timed out" for chrome error:

    1. Sometimes on all websites.
    2. Sometimes only on all HTTP sites while HTTPS sites work fine.
    3. Sometimes only on some http sites while HTTPS sites work fine.

    Recent Changes made in our Environment:

    1. Migration of Windows 2008 R2 File Server to 2012 R2 used for storing User's roaming profiles
    2. Applied November Windows Updates in our Enterprise.

    Effected Area:

    We are using Windows 7 Virtual Desktops (VMware Horizon View) environment that are effected randomly.

    Random Fixes: (so far)

    1. Log off and log back in sometimes resolves the issue and sometimes not.
    2. Issue self resolves randomly while user is working in 10 to 15 minutes.
    3. As these virtual desktops are created from windows 7 templates reverting desktops back to their base image of template also resolves the issue.
    4. Sometimes rejoin machine to domain fixes the issue sometimes it does not.

    Testing/Troubleshooting Failed:

    1. Checked DNS settings
    2. Cleared IE/Chrome cache, cookies
    3. Reset TCP/IP Stack
    4. Run Flushdns
    5. Renew IP lease
    6. Tried to Load sites by rebooting machine into safe mode
    7. Checked NIC drivers are outdated
    8. Tried to register dll files
    9. Removed December windows updates
    10. SAM fix VDI (Rejoin machine to domain)
    11. Cleared SSL State
    12. Removed Chrome then Internet Explorer and reinstalled internet explorer then chrome
    13. Checked firewall was off
    14. Refreshed IE Settings
    15. Ran IE without add-on
    16. Tried uninstalling November windows updates and reinstalling them
    17. MBSA (Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer). no issue reported
    18. Tried to Tracert intranet and internet sites and compared results with desktops that are working fine and result was same.


    Friday, January 4, 2019 4:42 PM

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