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  • Having issues with manual replication.....


    On the production have the normal setup of DPM 2010 server, agents pushed to production servers etc, all working for local retention. 2nd offsite DPM 2010 server exists at head office, joined to the satellite office with a IPsec tunnel. Connectivity all appears OK, ping tests work, Agent status is all OK etc.


    Example issue...


    Data from local site was backed up as normal at 8pm, finished by 8.30pm script run at 9pm using Robocopy copying all the data from the replica volume mount points (robocopy appears to work great as it supports >255 character limit and has a /copyall switch to ensure all the timestamps, permissions etc are copied over) to an external HDD attached to the unit. HDD was then collected at 9am the next morning and brought back to head office where it was connected to the offsite server and a mirror Robocopy script was used to copy the data off the drive back into the Replica mount points. DPM was already preconfigured and was awaiting a a consistency check.


    Check started at about 12pm the same day and OMG it was slooooooww. Now the lines are not great, but are not rubbish either, head office runs a 100MB leased line so connectivity here is fine, sat office runs a 8MB ADSL connection so gets about 800Kbps upload.

    My problem is that the sync of say the Second Storage group actually copied back more data that is actually even in the folder in the first place, a total of about 80MB 'Data Transferred' where as the store isn't even used and is about 50MB in size.


    Obviously something really went wrong with my copy of the data to the HDD and off again as I don’t see how DPM would need to checked the data fully and copy the whole lot back again?

    Does anyone have a tried and tested method of copying the data offsite (I know about the MS article about the using mountvol, this just seems a very long way to work if you have 25 - 30 individual groups to protect)?? Or does anyone see the flaw in my Robocopy plan?


    Any help welcome as we have a number of satellite office that will eventually be coming onbard with DPM 2010 and the only part that's a pain is the whole manual replication issue....



    Friday, March 11, 2011 3:38 PM


  • Can you recheck that the path where you copied the data to is exactly the way it should be? If the path is incorrect and the file system trees on source and destination don't match, then it will result in the data getting deleted and resynchronized.

    Check out for some more debugging tips on the scenario.

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    Monday, May 16, 2011 4:54 AM