Can you use the 1511 ESD thats held by WSUS to upgrade Windows 7/8.1 Pro? RRS feed

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  • Hi Everyone, 

    I'm wasting quite a bit of time trying to work this out and Microsoft didn't want to help on the phone.

    Basically, we've got lots of machines on various sites, and some of the sites do not have great broadband, my idea was that WSUS holds the ESD for my Windows 10 Pro, and i release it to a machine for the upgrade, it sees it and upgrades.. simple.

    However, I've got past all the mime issues, I've got WSUS to download the update, and I've created a WSUS group for a tester machine that has the update approved. The Windows 8.1 machine, then see's the Windows 10 upgrade as an Important Update and goes as far as doing the full Windows 8.1 part install, this is where the green bar goes by in the Windows Update panel, this takes about 5-10 minutes, then informs me that the machine needs to reboot to complete the upgrade to Windows 10.

    The machine reboots, then just loads Windows 8.1 again, Windows update constantly complains to reboot the computer, then you're pretty much stuck.

    To me it seems strange, that if it wasn't possible, then the Windows 10 upgrade shouldn't even be an option in Windows 8.1 Pro, i know its pulling the ESD from the server too as it puts it in the $ hidden folder on the C drive and at the start of the Upgrade, I an see the load of the server sent around 4-5GB to the client...

    I've had exactly the same problem on 2 different machines.

    Hopefully someone can help. 



    Wednesday, January 27, 2016 6:07 PM