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    we have  two KMS host and I want to make sure the client will connect in the 1st "KMS01" and then 2nd "KMS02" will be active once the 1st KMS down.

    By default both is set to normal 0

     1, KMS01

    2. KMS02 

    Please advise on how to achieve this goal by priority only 


    Wednesday, October 30, 2013 3:08 AM


  • Hi,

    KMSclients will cache the first successful KMShost they discover, and in the event a KMShost is offline, the KMSclient will automatically perform DNS discovery for KMShost again, be referred to your KMS02, and automatically attempt activation/renewal with KMS02.

    There should be no need to adjust DNS RR's at all, if both KMShosts are correctly recorded in DNS.

    In such a case, it is likely that KMS01 would service most/all requests, and KMS02 would not service many/any, until KMS01 is failed. KMS02 will begin to receive requests, and the first few requests may fail (be refused) since KMS02 would not have sufficient client count yet. Depending on the number of KMSclients you have, and the rate they request, the client count might quickly reach minimum and KMS02 begin issuing activations. You can test this, if you can accept a small disruption in KMSclient activations/renewals.

    Depending on the products used (Windows Server or Windows Client or Office), you might need 5 clients (Server or Office) or 25 clients (Windows Client OS)

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