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  • Within last few days SharePoint page (mostly a wiki page with few images and simple html) load time is dramatically slow taking minute or over and occasionally exceeding web request threshold, causing timeout. Upon enabling developer tool on browser, it indicates that "Time to First Byte" is where all the waiting is happening. We have notified network team and were able to rule out DNS lookup and certificate issue. To further narrow it down, I have checked on Developer Dashboard and it show there is significant wait time on PostResolveRequestCacheHandler stage. We have lookup Top SQL and nothing stood out that could take long time. Also  we have Veeam snapshot backup running for last couple of days (usually takes 3-4 hours) but it hasn't completed in couple of days as it's extremely slow. Not sure if this is effect or cause but few days back even without backup, pages were still loading very slow. Any advise to look for any specific information?

    Environement: SP Enterprise 2013, SP1

    Farm - 2-2-2 (Database on AOAG) with WAC

    MK Sin

    Sunday, October 5, 2014 3:20 PM

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