SSAS performance. Advice to avoid crash or slow down of the system


  • Hi guys, one question really important for me: how do you manage the perfomance in SSAS?

    I mean, when you do something in SSAS you use the CPU of the server, so that's can bring down in the performance of all the system. For example in TSQl if you run a big query you can see a slow down in all the system, that's normal and so I used operating this query on night ( manually or using package). Now I would like to understand how the deploy of a cube reflect on the source database. 

    Since I create a cube I know that everything I do deploying the Cube ( when I change dimension or create a calculation or a partition) is reflected in the server CPU ( so I don't touch the source database). But just to share your experience, when

    you wotk with a Cube when and in witch case ( and for witch operation) you prefere working when the system is not busy.

    just to have a sight of the performance issues that I could run through

    Thank you.


    Saturday, September 21, 2013 11:57 AM