SQL Server could not find the specified named instance (ADMINDB) RRS feed

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  • That is the error message I get whenever I try to start up my computer recently.
    It started happening a few days ago..And this errors either delays my start up at the desktop -
    Volume Manager, Audio Manager, Internet Network Manager, and Graphics Card Manager icons seems to load at the bottom right corner of the screen, but then it takes an extra one minute or so to load MSN etc..
    The computer does not freeze or slow down though, during that one minute or so.

    Last night when I restarted my computer it would go to the Welcome screen, turn black, and then just freeze there..Although the red working/busy light on my CPU does not start flashing or go on. Fortunately my computer has started up today..Along with that error..

    My computer is a Windows XP Pro
    The full message of the error is:

    SQL Server could not find the specified named instance (ADMINDB) - please specify the name of an existing instance on the invocation of sqlservr.exe.
    If you believe this device has been tampered with, please reinstall the program.

    Not sure about that last line, but it was something like that..

    Thanks in advance to anybody to will help.
    Wednesday, January 2, 2008 12:27 AM