Using DPM2010 to perform Disk-2-Disk backup to an offsite location RRS feed

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  • I'm looking to improve my employers current method of backing up our data to an offsite location.  Currently, we are using cwRsync to rsync the data from a "backup" server in the main office, to a machine located off-site, through a VPN.  The problem is, rsync is not very tolerant of "blips" in the VPN, resulting in inconsistent backups.  My understanding is that DPM will retry an operation if it fails for some reason, as well as the fact that it can perform "constant" backups.

    What I would like to know, and the TechNet Library (thus far) has not made clear, is can the DPM server reside in our offsite location, with the backup agent installed on our on-site server, then backup to disk drives on the DPM server?  Presuming all other requirements are met, such as Domain Level (we're currently a 2003 Domain,) SQL installed, disk space (and configured as Dynamic disks) etc?


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    Jason A.

    Jason A.
    Monday, September 19, 2011 1:56 PM