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  • Having a strange issue on a test client.  We just upgraded to SP1 and after many days of fixing what was broke we are now testing OSD again.  The Task Sequence runs fine and completed as expected (including installing 17 applications during the process).

    Upon first login I can open the logs, watch the client connect to the MP, and start downloading policy.  I can also see the client has not yet recevied the settings from SCCM to enable software distribution agent etc.  As the policeis are received I'll get a popup letting me know i have optional software which I can install (if I am quick enough it works just fine). 

    At some point during the policy download/polcy apply steps (usually within 5 minutes) my software distribution agent goes from enabled to disabled again and I lose all actions in the SCCM control panel applet except the default Machine Policy/User policy retrieval.  I still see thee notification that the software is available (assuming I have not installed during my short window of success) and as expected when you click Install in software center is states the software is no longer available.

    The client in question is communicating via HTTP to the MP/DP wihc is hosted on a local Secondary Site server (same subnet as client).

    Here an snippet from the execmgr.log:

    Software distribution agent was enabled execmgr 1/11/2013 2:05:58 PM 644 (0x0284)
    A user has logged on. execmgr 1/11/2013 2:07:32 PM 2700 (0x0A8C)
    The logged on user is MYDOMAIN\MYUSER execmgr 1/11/2013 2:07:32 PM 2700 (0x0A8C)
    Policy arrived for child program * execmgr 1/11/2013 2:11:40 PM 3836 (0x0EFC)
    Software Distribution site settings (CCM_SoftwareDistributionClientConfig) policy does not yet exist on the client.
    If the client is not yet registered, this is expected behavior. execmgr 1/11/2013 2:11:40 PM 4348 (0x10FC)
    Software distribution agent was disabled execmgr 1/11/2013 2:11:40 PM 4348 (0x10FC)

    The client continues to show as active in the SCCM console.

    An additional wird behavior.  If I uninstall and reinstall the client SOME of the agent actions come back, however the following do not come back:
    Application Deployment Evaluation Cycle
    Software Updates Scan Cycle
    Windows Installer Source List Update Cycle
    Discovery Data Collection Cycle

    I have verified there are no conflicting records, the client is Approved and not Blocked nor Obsolete.

    I can readily reproduce this issue by rebuilding the machine (which is a Hyper-V VM by the way)

    Although I assume unrelated but an additinal issue nontheless, every new client gets a policy for the Configuration Manager Client Upgrade (or update sorry dont have it in front of me right now) package/program, however this package no longer exists after the SP1 upgrade.  Only the one "Configuraton Manager Client Package" (with no program, used during OSD) exists now.  Either the policy should have went with it during the SP1 upgrade or the package should have remained.. I am not sure which, but you can clearly see this policy come down and go into state WaitingDisabled.

    Hoping someone can shed some light.  Luckily we are still in Test/Pilot phase so we only have a few client right now.  I am rapidly approaching (sadly) the point where I tear it all down and rebuild with the SP1 code.  :-(

    Friday, January 11, 2013 11:22 PM

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  • Some more info...I deleted the object from SCCM, rebuuilt and the problem did not happen.  Everything stayed working successfully.  So I rebuilt again leaving the object intact on the server and the problem returns.

    Thinking its just about time to wipe this mess that SP1 upgrade created and start again.  Most disappointing.

    Saturday, January 12, 2013 1:22 AM
  • Did you get to the bottom of this? I am also experiencing the same problem. In addition to above if i leave the client for a while it gets the polices back.



    Friday, March 22, 2013 3:19 PM
  • We have also seen this in our envirement.. I have tried almost everything, but it doesnt help. We have a newly installed Sccm 2012 sp1 on Server 2012, so this is no upgrade. I'm begining to think this is a bug in sccm, since others also had simular problems. I would really appriciated any help from someone that knows sccm well. What can be wrong since I see no errors in log/console and everything is working fine after about an hour or so..


    Bjørn Erik

    Monday, April 1, 2013 5:15 PM