Almost all agents showing as Not Monitored


  • Hi all, both myself and my manager are fairly new to SCE. I recently took over a position and noticed it installed on a server and figured it would be helpful. The problem I'm having is that about 216 agents are showing as not monitored and I can't figure out why. Everything was configured prior to me getting here so I'm wondering if this was an issue the previous regime ran in to. I do know that they added very few computers to the SCE security group so I went back and did that. I was able to get a test computer set up and successfully push updates to it, but there is still definitely something wrong as it appears healthy in the computer group but under administration it shows as not monitored.  I also have several computers showing as Windows XP when we only have 1 XP computer in our environment. Any suggestions would help here. Thanks in advance!
    Thursday, December 10, 2015 7:55 PM