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  • Hey guys, I'm not sure where to post this so I thought this might be the best place.  I have a question to ask the community in regards on how they deploy anti-malware and anti-virus in their organizations.

    Generally I work in what would be considered small networks.  A handful of servers and maybe 15 workstations and most.  We only deploy NOD32 antivirus to all servers and workstations.  I know this only partially protects the client computers because every so I often we'll have to remove some malware.  But my question(s) is this -

    What do you normally deploy as a standard for protection? (anti-virus only; anti-malware only; or anti-malware AND anti-virus together).

    If you deploy an anti-malware product that is not integrated with the anti-virus what anti-malware is it?

    Do you deploy NAP that checks anti-malware and anti-virus definitions in your environment so that client would have to send a statement of health before connecting to the network?

    Friday, November 19, 2010 6:53 PM

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  • Depends on the products that you use.

    I have never found one that "does both" satisfactory.  So we run both,...two separate products.  for malware I like Malwarebytes (  For AV, doesn't really matter,...they are all about the same to me.  With Malwarebytes the free version is only to cleanup after the fact, doesn't prevent anything,...but the pay version runs in realtime and is preventative.

    We have almost zero problems with traditional viruses, is almost like they don't exist anymore, our AV product has an easy life with almost nothing to do but slow machines down and get in the way of things (I guess it gets bored).  The real war is with Malware,...pretty much everything in the last two years that I have had to remove was Malware.

    I can't help with NAP,...I don't use it,...don't ever expect to.  There is no political way to force quest to be compliant, would order NAP to be disabled or thrown out the first time some rep from another company could not use their laptop on the LAN to do their presentation due to NAP restrictions.

    Tuesday, November 23, 2010 3:58 PM