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  • Hi,

    First off please understand I'm not a script person, but trying my best to understand enough to perform some basic tasks :)

    Basically what I'm trying to do is use an If statement to read through multiple arrays and 'do stuff' if a match is found, but also to notify if its not found. I was trying to use the below code;

    ### Regex to remove non "0-9" or "." characters
    $pattern = '[^0-9.]'
    ### Get Gateway IP
    $GW = Ipconfig | Select-String Gateway | Select -First 1
    $GW2 = $GW -replace $pattern, ' '
    $GWFinal = $GW2.Trim(" ",".")
    ### define site gateways in arrays
    $Site1 = "","",""
    $Site2 = "","",""
    $Site3 = "","",""
    If ($GWFinal -notin $Site1 -or $Site2 -or $Site3)
         Write-Host "Its not in any!"
    Else {
          Write-Host "Gateway Found!"
         If ($GWFinal -in $Site1) {
                                   "Do Stuff1"
         Else {}
              If ($GWFinal -in $Site2) {
                                        "Do Stuff2"
              Else {}
                   If ($GWFinal -in $Site3) {
                                             "Do Stuff3"
                   Else {}

    The Result returned are as follows;

    Its not in any!
    Do Stuff3

    So its clearly picking up my gateway as being in $Site3, but my use of the -or statements mustn't be good in the first 'If' block.

    If I amend the first If block to only have one array specified the -notin works perfectly, so therefore I assume I can't use multiple '-values' or I've not formatted it correctly.

    Would some nice person out there kindly point out what I'm doing wrong, or suggest an alternative approach?

    Thanks in advance


    Thursday, April 27, 2017 10:58 AM


  • Syntax!  Logic!

    If ($GWFinal -notin $Site1 -and $GWFinal  -notin $Site2 -and $GWFinal -notin $Site3)


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