Report Returns No Data in Visual Studio but Stored Proc in SSMS Does


  •  I have a report in SSRS 2008R2 that when I run it using a SELECT statement and parameters like IN (@Branch) so I can pass a multi-valued list into the report.  I converted the SELECT statement to a stored procedure and now when I pass more than one value for a parameter into the report, then the report comes back blank.  I used Profiler to see what was being passed to the sp. In my parameter list I get something like this @Branch=N'10,11,13,15,' I was expecting to see @Branch IN('10', '11','13','15').  These are not equivalent are they? 

    In the parameter Properties I have Allow Multiple Values checked and Allow Blank Value checked.  The available Values part of the dialog is set up to supply a drop down list via an SQL query.  Not sure how to solve the problem.

    Lee Markum

    Wednesday, November 06, 2013 10:18 PM


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