After using tablet's digitizer, digitizer and mouse clicks stop working. Thinkpad x61t.. Bug. RRS feed

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  • I've been using Thinkpad x61t for almost three years now. It is a multitouch/multiview screen. I didn't have any problems with XP or Vista related to the screen like this. But in Windows 7, when I use the digitizer for some time, the screen stops responding to my digitizer click. When this happens, my mouse button doesn't work either. Please see the video I made at youtube.


    I can press things in the taskbar, but I can't press anything on the main screen. I have to press control + alt + delete, to open task manager, and then click cancel. Then I get my control back. Does anyone know why this happens?


    I tried all the MS updates, lenovo thinkpad driver updates, tried clean install with no other 3rd party softwares, nothing works. The problem is intermittent, so thinkpad technicians were not able to do anything for me.


    There is a bug in Vista even in sp2 that never got fixed. In Vista, when I open internet explorer, I can't close it by right clicking the internet explorer on taskbar and click close. It just dings and nothing happens. I hope MS takes care of this, not like Vista.



    Lenovo thinkpad x61t, multitouch/multiview (multitouch here means I can use finger or digitizer), bluetooth, intel 4965bgn, 3GB ram, core2duo L7500.

    Sunday, April 25, 2010 3:14 AM