Creative Drivers "What you hear" not working RRS feed

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  • Windows 7 64 Ultimate
    Creative X-Fi Extreme Music (SB0460) running latest (June 09) .0013 drivers

    Hi folks, I have a terrible problem. I'm a filmmaker of Machinima and just put together a I7 hulking monster with Win7 just to make films.

    Trouble is, I need to be able to record sounds in-game. I was able to do so running XP 32, but now on Win 7 no matter how hard I try I cant seem to get it to work :[

    I have installed the latest "Creative Media Player 5.0" where I used to set record "what you hear"... but it still shows up as disabled in the Creative Console.

    This is frustrating. Creatives site says my driver "enables What you hear recording in Windows 7" but it does not, still shows "disabled"

    This is a deal breaker, please help me to get this feature working.

    Please Please Please


    If I cant get this working, I will have to dump Windows 7 and go back to XP.  PLEASE SAY IT AINT SO

    Thanks, MANIAC-VVV-
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    Tuesday, October 20, 2009 7:44 PM

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  • Nothing?


    Way to go Microsoft, day before release and you have done me wrong -again-

    As we all know this is about the recording industry and Microsoft, NOT the drivers.

    Yo stuffed shirt Microsoft IDIOTS, scumbags download copyrighted material. They dont want to record it off a low quality internal feed.

    It's kinda like I bought a "Microsoft TV", but we "Microsoft/Recording industry" are worried you might record something off your TV for free. So we have disabled the sound on your TV. Even though I pay $80 a month for that content (Cable) and it is perfectly legal for me to record it for personal use.

    Errr... then why did Microsoft sell me a TV if I cant listen to it? And what gives Microsoft the right to tell me what to do in a legal fashion with MY HARDWARE.

    Windows 7 is a great OS, to bad I cant get it to do what I need, and want it to do.

    I hate Microsoft and how they have always treated users.

    I will break open the Dom the day she files Chapter 11! or the Justice Dept wakes up to this ____.

    Win 7 will be my 8th purchase of an OS from Microsoft. It's disgusting that I will have to roll back to XP record in-game sounds. And I am VERY angry that I have wasted $2000 for hardware that Win7 and Microsoft has now rendered useless.

    I'm not sure if the ESC Department at Microsoft will be able to buy me off this time, I'm that pissed.

    Thursday, October 22, 2009 4:10 AM
  • I know this is a year old but hopefully it helps you if you haven't already solved ur problem.....


    I figured out a way around the "What You Hear" recording problem for the Creative X-Fi series cards. This may not work for you but this is what I did. I have a Creative X-Fi Soundblaster Extreme Music Sound card and recently upgraded to Windows 7 32 bit only to realize that the "What You Hear" function was now disabled. After toying around in the Creative Audio Panel, I was able to get the "What You Hear" function to say that it was available but only to get an extremely annoying sound coming out of the speakers. Anyway, what I did was uninstalled the drivers for the sound card and restarted my pc. Upon restart, Windows installed it's own generic drivers and VOILA! the "What You Hear" function now works perfectly......like I said, this worked for me and might not work for you but good luck!

    Monday, August 30, 2010 4:48 AM
  • Wow

    Thank you so much, I'm going to try that!!

    will post back soon with the results

    Monday, August 30, 2010 4:50 AM