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  • When installing applications as part of a task sequence I'm seeing entries in the logs saying "Command has been started (Process ID XX)" followed by "ZTI Heartbeat: command has been running for X minutes (process ID XX)" from component Install_Application.

    Install_Application is 3rd party application wrapper I'm using, the previous version of it (8.5.1) required the EventShare property to be set in CustomSettings.ini, but the version I'm using now (12.1) does not have this requirement so I've commented out the EventShare property in CustomSettings.ini, yet the log entries above are still being written. 

    The author of this app wrapper is hard to get hold of so my question to everyone here is, are these entries related to the EventShare property?  I mean, without knowing the code inside Install_Application.wsf can anyone tell me where these log entries are coming from?  The text  "ZTI Heartbeat:..." does not appear in Install_Application.wsf or ZTIApplications.wsf, so how is it getting in the logs?

    The reason I'm asking is I suspected the EventShare requirement of version 8.5.1 was causing intermittent issues with app installs, that's the main reason I updated to 12.1, but even after updating and removing the EventShare property from CustomSettings.ini it looks to like it's still working like it did in previously.

    Thursday, May 9, 2019 8:03 PM