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  • Hey there, what is the best tool to migrate a small Sharepoint 2007 site to  to Sharepoint Online?
    Saturday, February 24, 2018 12:45 AM

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  • Hi

    1.SharePoint Migration Assessment Tool
    Assessment and Identity Management tool for SharePoint 2013 and 2010 servers to assist in migration to SharePoint online.

    You need to upgrade to SharePoint 2010 at first.


    2.Share-gate Tool

    It's useful very much, but not free.


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    Linyu - SharePoint Engineer
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    Saturday, February 24, 2018 1:36 AM
  • Hey

    If your data is not big, you can also use AvePoint's FLY to do the migration.

    There is a free trial before you purchase it, and not like share gate, it won't randomly miss your content.


    Justin Liu Office Servers and Services MVP, MCSE
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    Saturday, February 24, 2018 3:24 AM
  • By default, it has no method to support the migration from SP 07 to SPO directly.

    If you want to get the tool for free, you need to do DB attached to SP 2010 at first, then use Migration tool from Microsoft to do the migration as Lingyus's said, otherwise, you need to charge the third tool to migrate directly, like as AvePoint, Metalogix or Share-gate. 


    Saturday, February 24, 2018 3:37 AM
  • Hi,

    There is no short cut to SP2007 to SPOnline. My answer is purely based on the technical that involved in Migration process. 

    First you need to have all patches and updates has been correctly installed on your SP2007 before moving to SP2010.

    You can try SP2010 trial version for this. Once you migrated to SP2010 , Check (Content DB attach - migration) the your SP2010 sites are ready to migrate its next level SP2013.

    Once you have SP2013 ready, You can use the tools and Office 365 Migration APIs (Power Shell, Managed Code,Content Migration API offered by Microsoft. 

    If you are a developer, still wanted to move your SP2007 to SPOnline, here is the steps you can follow. Usually all of third parties tools are using it behind the scene. Example if you are migrating the Document Library here is logic

    1. take content data back up (.cmp)
    2. extract this .cmp file with extractor utility "Extract32"
    3. You will see all the files in .dat and XML configuration files in the extractor folder.
    4. Write the code logic to read and Map the artifacts in the Manifest.xml (XMLDocument in C#, identify all the attributes like SPObject,SPFile, Version)
    5. System.IO File Move method will be useful to Map the .dat file to data files.
    6. Record all the details in CSV (you can use CSVReader/CSVWriter in the same code file)
    7. Write PS script to use the PnPFile commands to push the data to SPOnline.

    Murugesa Pandian MCSA,MCSE,MCPD

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    Saturday, February 24, 2018 3:56 AM
  • AvePoint's migration tool can migrate from SP2007 to Online directly.

    Justin Liu Office Servers and Services MVP, MCSE
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    Saturday, February 24, 2018 5:56 AM
  • Hello,
    As Murugesa Pandian already said that there is no any short cut to move from SP2007 to SPOnline.
    Refer to the following blog for a step-by-step assistance, steps are mentioned for moving from the SP2007 to SPOnline https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/himanshukumar/2012/05/21/how-to-migrate-sharepoint-2007-to-office-365-standard-using-native-web-service-and-csom/

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  • depends on how big is your farm is,  the time for transition will vary. And several factor to consider and watch very carefully even before deciding on migrating from On prem to online i.e

    1) identify the list of site collections

    2) identify the list of large lists, list type, list title, list creator, Total item count, List URL

    3) idnetify the checked out file names and educate user with all the consequences migrating checked out files.

    4) identify checked out user names

    5) identify email enabed list

    6) identify Info path Managed code 

    7) FTS content types

    8) FTS custom codes

    9) FTS event Receiver

    10) FTS farm feature

    11) Sandbox solutions

    12) Unsupported template

    13) wiki pages with embedded links

    and sharepoint SMAT tool will help you to identify if you run that in your farm. 

    once that done, always recommend to communicate to users about migration plan, kick off date and actual migration. 

    talk to them about how long will it take to finish migrating a site collection, delta migration.

    then it comes to choosing a right tool, and i have used share gate for doing so, but i will leave it to you do more research and pick the right tool. 



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