DirectAccess + Offline Files + DFS + Slow-link mode


  • Hi,

    We use DirectAccess in our environment for remote workers. We also have Offline Files configured.

    We are finding that remote workers never go offline on slow-link connections. As standard, I set this in GPO:

    Configure slow-link mode: Enabled

    Name: \\\dfsroot
    Value: Latency=32000

    Name: \\\folder1
    Value: Latency=20

    Name: \\\folder2
    Value: Latency=120

    Folder1 is our user home directories which are redirected. On a connection slower than 20ms it stays online, causing terrible performance out of the office. If I even set Folder1 to Latency=1 it still stays online.

    If I manually set the home folder drive map to Work Offline, performance is brilliant. All drive maps point to the DFS namespace shares.

    What am I missing? All of our remote workers are running Windows 10 Enterprise.


    Tuesday, July 10, 2018 7:39 PM