Intermittent Failure Applying Drive Map Policy


  • I have a standard group policy that I have used for years to map network drives.  Over the last several months I have noticed that users are having times where the drive maps are not being made.  All drive maps in the policy are set to replace and looking at the logs I can see where the drive maps are successfully removed.  When they start the process of adding them back, I get the following error in the log.

    2016-08-17 07:46:13.821 [pid=0x488,tid=0x13c8] Error reading GPE XML data file. [ hr = 0x80070041 "Network access is denied." ]
    2016-08-17 07:46:13.821 [pid=0x488,tid=0x13c8] Completed loading of package. [ hr = 0x80070041 "Network access is denied." ]
    2016-08-17 07:46:13.822 [pid=0x488,tid=0x13c8] EVENT : The client-side extension could not apply user policy settings for 'Standard Drive Map Policy {B33E472F-FD76-48BF-B7C4-36C467AA64CB}' because it failed with error code '0x80070041 Network access is denied.'%100790275
    2016-08-17 07:46:13.822 [pid=0x488,tid=0x13c8] Completed apply GPO. [ hr = 0x80070041 "Network access is denied." ]
    2016-08-17 07:46:13.823 [pid=0x488,tid=0x13c8] User impersonation uninitialized.
    2016-08-17 07:46:13.838 [pid=0x488,tid=0x13c8] Leaving ProcessGroupPolicyExDrives() returned 0x00000041

    If I run gpupdate /force it will re-read the policy and apply it properly.  Does anyone have any ideas as to what could be happening here?  Where do I start trying to troubleshoot this issue?

    Wednesday, August 17, 2016 3:55 PM


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