Forwarding on the Teredo network interface cannot be enabled on second NLB node RRS feed

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    I am having a slight issue with a DA with UAG deployment and was wondering if you could give any guidance.

    I was having an issue with one of two server in an NLB setup.  Basically DNS64 was not resolving addresses.  I dropped the server out of the array, reset the IPv6 configuration and uninstalled the 6to4 and teredo adapters.  I then rebooted the server.

    The 6to4 adapter was reinstalled, but the teredo adapter was not.  I therefore re-installed this manually.  I've added the server back into the array.  However, DA will not activate on the node, and is giving me the error 'Forwarding on the Teredo network interface cannot be enabled'.  I have checked the interface, and forwarding is enabled.  I have also checked each of the other interfaces on the server to ensure that the configuration matches those on the functioning server.

    I thought maybe the adapter name may be expected somewhere during the activation i.e. 'Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface'.  The new Teredo adapter is named 'Local Area Connection* 9' which is the same as the SSL Network Tunneling adapter.  Is there a possibility that it is trying to enable on the wrong adapter?

    I'm a bit stumped, and would prefer to not have to rebuild one/both servers.  Just wondered whether you had any idea as to what I could look at next?





    Friday, November 25, 2011 1:49 PM