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  • I've been unable to get answers to my questions regarding Windows Phone Company Hub from Microsoft support (no answer despite sending several mails), so I thought someone here might have some knowledge about this topic or knows how to find more information.

    I work for a small IT company where we develop different software solutions for other companies, and among them a company hub website and company hub app, from which we distribute a Windows Phone 8.0 Silverlight app to the users. At the moment this works fine, but our customer is very dependent on this system, so we would like to know if and when the company hub from Microsoft will be altered or maybe discontinued/shutdown. We're getting a bit worried due to the downfall of Windows Phone, and if something drastic will happen, we would prefer to know it as early as possible.

    We have been looking at the Store for Business from Microsoft as another way to distribute the app, but this will not work for us because we can't port the app from 8.0 Silverlight to 10 and we can't allow Store testers access to all areas of the app

    • Is there someone who might know more about the future of the Company Hub from Microsoft?
    • Any suggestions for alternative solutions to distribute the app to the users?

    All kind of feedback/suggestions are very welcome.

    Wednesday, September 28, 2016 1:09 PM