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  • windows live used to connect people now it lost it users as it no longer fullfill the new needs >> 
    the idea is to connect the whole service with hotmail and allow more features 
    cd key  , profile , windows gaming , skydrive (sharing) (suggestions)
    restoring ' windows live back a live ' with more features. 
    One Place For everything is more desired then just windows or just mail .... so on
    also a simple comparison between ad revenue  >>.  
    # stock price for Compaines based on just ads (are higher then MS). 
      in the same time (microsoft using of a powerful applications ) !
    instead of the slow good bye  of the ads compagins ...
     #Hint : will be using ads for users who cann't afford to purchase the cd-key which lead to illegal uses ... 
     This users can pay and keep running insetead of running free.
    this ads on an (smooth ) application linked to (ms mail) activate a free use day per day 
    (viewing some ads (videos or so ..)that will attract more  >>>> investores & Publisher .
    please redirect my mail to the correct section  . thanks
    In any situation please replay with a respond thanks :) 
    for more info:
    Islam Mohamed
    Egypt , cairo

    Monday, June 27, 2016 11:58 AM