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  • HI ,

    I am Using HIS 2013 and i have configured Link Services and SNA Service accordingly. when i start the Connection the below even ID 101 is thrown in the Event Viewer as a warning. I am new to the HIS and try to Connect HIS 2013 to Z/OS(Mainframe system). Appreciate if any one can give me a helping hand to do the further analysis to solve this issues.

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    LDLC command frame retry limit exceeded

      Link                   = @N000001

      Port                   = IPPORT00

      DLC                    = IPDLC000

      Local address          = **.**.**.** SAP=4

    Destination address = ***.***.**.* SAP=4

      Local UI address       = **.**.**.** SAP=4

      Destination UI address = 0

      ACK timer duration     = 15000

      Retry limit            = 3


    LDLC command frame retry limit exceeded.


    Link activation will fail, or an active link will be brought down.


    If the remote node is not accessible, it is normal for LDLC to detect outage in this way. If LDLC is taking too long to detect link outages, then decrease the configured ACK timer or retry limit. If LDLC is deactivating links during network congestion or heavy processor loading, then increase the configured ACK timer or retry limit.

    Tuesday, November 7, 2017 1:35 PM

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  • Vidhyadhar,

    I couple simple things you can check.

    1. Are the UDP ports 12000-12004 open in both directions through any firewall between the Windows system and the mainframe?  You can use the EEDIAG.exe tool included in the HIS installation to test the HPR connectivity to the mainframe.
    2. Is the PU being used by the link service is varied on, but not already in use?
    3. You can refer to the IP-DLC whitepaper, for more information about setting up IP-DLC

    Tuesday, November 7, 2017 10:41 PM