Leg switch control


  • Hi, got a active/passive service to monitor across 2 servers.

    The service will only be running on the 'active leg' and the monitor should only raise an alert if the service is not running on the active leg.

    Just want to find out if there is a recommended approach to this?

    I am considering doing the following;

    a) two groups HCP active  &  HCP passive

    b) when customer decides to switch legs (for whatever reason), part of the switching process will require a application event message to be generated on each server.  SCOM monitor(s) will pick this up and add/remove the server from the required group.

    c) Once server in required group, then the active monitors will be deploy -or (if in the passive group) removed.

    I intend to use 'auto recovery' tasks within the SCOM monitors to trigger a powershell script to add or remove the server for the required group. 

    I've checked the forum and cannot find an example of this.

    Also, I cannot find a powershell option to allow me to add/remove a server object from a group.  Is there one?

    Thanks Thomas

    Saturday, November 09, 2013 10:16 PM