why firewall client software cannot handle SSTP VPN traffic


  • hi friends

    in my test hyper-v lab, i have deployed SSTP VPN scenario. when my client is secureNET client, SSTP VPN conects without any problem, but when i install firewall client software on this client, SSTP VPN connection cannot be established &  terminates with this error:

    "the requested name is valid but no data of the requested type was found."

    when in client, i add a route to the destination VPN server & in TMG, set access rule users to all users, VPN establishes. so i noticed that Firewall client application cannot handle SSTP VPN traffic. so why ?

    about PPTP protocol i know that because firewall client software cannot handle GRE, but what about SSTP? as i know SSTP doesn't use GRE, so what vpn related prorocol firewall client does not support & cannot handle?

    if so is this sentence true to say:

    " we cannot control firewall clients SSTP VPN protocol on the basis of username(per user) ?

    thanks in advance

    scenario details:

    VM1 (

    VM2 ( external SSTP vpn server (also IIS has been installed) with self-signed certificate produces by its IIS

    vm3 ( & standard SP2 with latest updtes

    vm4 ( internal domain joined client with firewall client application installed

    any help please

    thanks in advance

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