MS DPM protecton group for file server


  • Hi All,

    I have created a protection group for file server and taking backup of a share on tape drive.

    under protection method--> I chose I want short-term protection using : tape

    retention range: 1 week

    frequency of backup: daily

    backup mode: full and incremental

    so full backup on Saturday and other days incremental backup.

    I have around 700 GB data size.

    I have shortages of tape. from recovery option: I saw in this month on 12thOct, on Saturday it run full backup. It took one tape [say tape 1]

    on the next 6 days it run incremental backup on another tape.[say tape 2]

    again on Saturday for full backup it took tape 3 [tape 3]

    again to run incremental backup it is asking for free tape. and back up failed.

    in this way I am wasting space on tape. data size is 700 GB, tape size is around 3 TB.

    how can I use say only two tapes for file server protection only without compromising backup???

    I can see there is option in 'optimize usage' where I can mention under advanced. it is mentioned write period is 7 days and days 7 expiry tolerance.

    i believe I need to modify these settings.  please suggest if i want daily incremental backup and full backup on Saturday with 1 week retention and reuse the same tape instead of waiting for new free tape.



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