cannot start MOM 2005 console after upgrade FCS from eval to full version RRS feed

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  • I have a Windows Server 2008 (management server, collection server, distribution server) and 1 Windows Server 2003 (sql server 2005, reporting server, reporting database, collection database). I cannot start MOM 2005 console after upgrade FCS from eval to full version. MOM agent cannot contact MOM Server because MOM Service is configured to reject new manual agent installations. There are some events in Windows Server 2008 event viewer:

    The Data Access Server (DAS) on computer FCS returned an error.
    System error code: -2147221164
    System error text: Class not registered
    DAS method called: ConfigurationGetOnePointFreeSpace
    Called from file: d:\bt\4\private\product\core\engine\managers\perfcountermanager\src\momperfcountermanager.cpp.
    Called from line: 984

    Can anyone help me?

    Thanks in advance!

    Wednesday, April 8, 2009 2:50 AM


  • Hi,


    Thank you for your post.


    According to your description, I understand the issue you’re experiencing is: unable to upgrade MOM 2005 from Eval to Full version.


    Based on my experience, you may perform the following steps to recover the MOM 2005 Eval to Full version:


    1. Stop MOM service on all management servers.

    2. Take a full backup of onepoint and SystemCenterReporting databases.

    3. Uninstall MOM reporting if present and then detach the SystemcenterReporting database.

    4. Uninstall MOM from the Database machine. and drop the onepoint database.

    5. Uninstall MOM from all management servers

    6. Begin the new install MOM RTM. First install MOM Database (Onepoint) give the same management group name.

    7. Run Install MOM setup on the management server.

    8. Now restore the onepoint database and check..

    9. Once the New MOM setup is finished we can install MOM reporting and then attach the SQL data files from the original SystemCenterReporting database.


    Please check the following link from the MOM operations guide regarding MOM backup and restore.




    Nick Gu - MSFT
    Friday, April 10, 2009 9:04 AM