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  • Background: I use document libraries for a mass amount of documents. The documents themselves are linked back to a “list” within our SharePoint site. I am currently organizing the library into multiple, more organized folders. I have found that the SharePoint links repath itself to the correct link within our list, so that the shortcut (html address) does not have to be re-linked once to document has been moved to its new folder.   This auto “repathing” can save a lot of time when moving documents.


    Problem: I am having some trouble with some intermittent errors regarding my links within SharePoint (receiving the 404 document not found error) after I move one document from one folder (library) to another. The weird part of it is, It re-directs (or knows to re-path itself to the new location) on about 75% of the documents I move. I cannot find the reasoning behind the error, or why it works sometimes and not another. I have checked that maybe it’s the way I move it, the way its named, the length of the file name with the new path, there seems to be no consistent trait to the reason why it “repaths” itself after a document move on one, and not another.


    Has anyone had this problem before? I have tried to look it up on the help area and on the net, and have not been able to find the same scenario. I have confirmed, no documents are “checked out”.


    Any info would be greatly appreciated!

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  • Hi,

    When you get 404 error can you confirm that the URL shown is the correct one?


    Thanks, Rahul Rashu
    Monday, September 26, 2011 4:16 AM
  • No the url changes, here is the way it works:


    [Scenerio 1, moving the document #1, and the link repathing works]



    Then I move document #1 to a new folder within the site, and the links within the site automatically repath my document to its new location and give the following url:



    [Scenerio 2, moving document #2, and the links no longer work:]

    First the document has the url of:


    - then I move (the exact same way as i did in scenerio 2) document #2 to the new desired folder, this means  the document then should have the url of:


    and the above document does contain that new url, but the auto repathing on the previous links on the site no longer work, and now show a url of:

    http://site.net/subsote/oldfolderfile/aaa04396 [it usually gives it this number along with any other random numbers at the end]

    that is when we get the "404" error


    ----- basically I dont understand why sometimes when I move a document it auto-fixes my previous created links ot the new path of the moved document, but sometimes it still looks for the old document in the old folder, and therefore since it is no longer located within that folder - it creates this 404 error. Also, i understand that i can go to find my new document and copy paste the correct new url to the new links, but when we are talking about thousands of documents moving from one folder to another, it would be helpful if i could figure out how ot make it work all of the time.


    thanks for your help.

    Emily Stewart
    Monday, September 26, 2011 2:03 PM