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    The link given below says how we could finalise application whether it could be sequenced (esp COM Objects) http://blogs.technet.com/softgrid/archive/2008/05/22/appvirt-the-list-of-applications-that-can-be-virtualized.aspx 

    After experimenting with few applications like Visio Viewer 2007 and Adobe FlashCS3 v9.0_EN_001

    • These applications do create entries like these <ProcessName> RegOpenKey Software\Microsoft\COM3 when processmon log is generated, however there are recipes for sequencing these applications and the application also works fine without issues.
    • Could you let us know how we could finalise whether the application could not be virtualized because of COM objects ?? This statement is contradictory with these applications applications as the application uses COM Objects but yet works fine while it is virtualized, which has been sequenced and tested
    • Any ideas which features of these application may not work if sequenced.
    • Have you faced any functionality issues with Visio Viewer and Adobe flashCS3??


    Would require a generic way how to test such scenarios to finalise the same before starting to sequence the application. Please advise.

    J.Caleb Kirubakaran
    Friday, February 27, 2009 7:32 AM


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