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  • Having been using the Win7 RC for some time now in a virtual machine, one thing I'm noticing is that when I start a new Explorer window to begin to look at the file structure on my hard drive, the entries in the left pane jump "out from under me", usually just about the time I'm clicking on a folder.

    I tend to use short, wide Explorer views.  What appears to be happening is that there is a refresh after some part of the tree is updated, causing the scroll of the left pane to jump back to the top.


    1.  Open a new short, wide Explorer window on C:.

    2.  Fairly quickly use the scroll bar to scroll the left pane down to some subfolder I'd like to access.

    3.  Prepare to click on that folder, but the left pane jumps (changes scroll position) just about at that time, making it very likely I will click on the wrong folder, or at the very least requiring me to scroll the folders once again.

    I can't really see what's being refreshed/changed to cause the scroll jump.  I have Favorites closed up.  I do know that toward the bottom the host computer (I'm running Win7 in a VM) is shown under "Network", so perhaps finding the information to fill that in is taking a second or two.

    One thing is clear:  Explorer MUST NOT cause things displayed in the panes to positionally jump after they are displayed, for any reason!  The whole point is to be able to use Explorer to reliably navigate to places shown on the screen.

    EDIT:  I closed up the Network entry and now it doesn't happen.  This is an acceptable workaround, though my comment above is still valid - Explorer must make every effort not to reposition things on the display after they are there.

    Saturday, June 27, 2009 4:09 PM

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  • I agree.  The degradation of the Explorer window, from XP to Vista to Windows 7 is very disappointing.

    The interface used to be very friendly for keyboard users.  The folder contents pane on the right used to have a very nice "auto refresh" aspect to it.  You could move the focus in the navigation pane using the arrow keys and the contents on the right would automatically appear.  Now, you have to hit enter, or the space bar to see the contents.  Why?  The interface in Regedit and MMC still behave the same way, automatically showing the contents in the right pane.  This is much more intuitive, and with Explorer not behaving this way, it causes a lot of confusion.

    It isn't just keyboard use that has been retarded.  Movable, customizable  toolbars was one of the best features that was added to XP and IE.  You could even put multiple toolbars on the same line.  Other Microsoft programs, such as the Office suite, followed suit.  This allowed you to reduce the overhead at the top of a window, yet still include the functionality you needed.

    Microsoft Office now has the "ribbon" that has the functionality of all the toolbars combined, and then some.  And, it is easily hideable.  I might get used to it.  I might even get to like it.

    Unfortunatly, Explorer and IE do not have this feature.  And, I don't think I will ever get used to Explorer's current behavior.
    Saturday, June 27, 2009 6:47 PM
  • Well, since we're pointing out Explorer weaknesses, I haven't done any scientific investigation but I'd like to also point out that in Win 7 it sure does seem that my mouse wheel scrolls the wrong pane (of the left/right panes in Explorer) almost every time I use it.  This is by comparison to Vista.

    By the way, like you (bnborg) I really like anything that helps minimize the "chrome space" around the windows so as to maximize the space inside to get things done.

    Saturday, June 27, 2009 8:21 PM