My laptop can't boot up, loads and goes to a black screen with a cursor. RRS feed

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  • I have both windows 8 and 7 on a dual boot.  

    I wa trying to download a program but the laptop froze so i turned it off, after that i've been unable to start it  up again. It just loads almost indefinitely then goes to a black screen with a movable cursor. I've tried various methods at fixing this.

    • Going to the system repair ( just loads the repair then goes to the black screen again)
    • using windows 8 installation disk ( booted the laptop from cd drive, but the install takes about 45 minutes to get to the set up page. it won't allow me to repair from there and when I try installing a fresh version of win it says a file is missing and its preventing me from installing windows)
    • Using the windows 7 repair disk (this also takes a great deal of time to load up, won't let me perform a system restore because it can't find my system image)
    • When I tried this method again, I was prompted if I want to run windows in safe mode, safe mode w/ networking, etc. Need less to say safe mode didn't work, it just led me to a screen with the safe mode markings but it was all black with nothing on the desktop.

    I need help trying to fix this, I've been looking at other solutions for the past 2 days now. If this is happening to anyone please feel free to comment and share. Solutions are welcomed. 

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