Is there a way to edit the SUMMARY view of a Discussion Board? Or make a new view based on this?


  • I'm adding a main discussion board as a webpart on the homepage of a SPO site and I'd like to limit the listing to the last 7 modified disussion topics.   This gives visitors a quick view of current activity.  The Summary View is built in and is used by default. However, I do not have the option to Edit the view when editing the web part options.  I know I can create my own basic version of a view, but I like the way the Summary view looks. Are there any workarounds to do this so I can get the Summary view feel AND be able to limit the results to 7 last modified discussion topics?

    I'm a Global SharePoint Admin so I have full access to the entire SPO site.  I did this all the time in our older versions of SharePoint, but they dind't have the Summary view setup, so its just a difference in version features.  Any assistance would be appreciated.

    Tuesday, April 4, 2017 4:31 PM


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  • Hi IT,

    To edit the SUMMARY view of a Discussion Board, open the view with SharePoint Designer and change the settings "ReadOnly" to FALSE and then you will be able to modify the views from SharePoint.

    Refer to the following article:

    To list the last 7 modified discussion topics, modify the view, sort by column Modified, show items in ascending order:

    Then limit the number of items to display to 7:

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    Lisa Chen

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    Wednesday, April 5, 2017 9:18 AM
  • Setting the Subject view READ ONLY property to FALSE helped me utilize it as the basis for a new view with the settings I needed. However, this change still did not enable me to edit the <current view> that is in the EDIT WEB PART area using either the Subject view or new view, which was my original question:

    Fortunately, setting the Selected View to the new one I created worked for me.  This workaround is acceptable, but it means I can't make changes on the fly as easily as I would have if I was able to edit that <Current View> from the area shown above like most web parts.

    Now, any recommendations on how to alternate the topic background colors for this type of view, similar to what the Shaded style does? =)

    Wednesday, April 5, 2017 9:05 PM