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  • Hi there, I'm new to the forum, so excuse any sort of error I may make along the way.

    Okay, so, when I start my computer it'll do the High, low error beep, which means an over heating processor, right? Thats the first question.

    So, it'll still start, but running windows normally results in a shut down 20-30 seconds later, safe mode works just fine though. (Update: It'll shut down now too, seemingly randomly, but when I tried to view the event log with defender running in the background)

    So, would a new application of thermal gel help at all? It kinda dried up (the old gel). And, would the processor over heating cause the computer to shut down like that without warning, or is this something completely different?

    Edit: Safe mode with networking behaves in the same way as the normal mode, only plain ol safe mode will work without shutting down after half a minute or so.

    Thanks in advance.
    Sunday, October 17, 2010 7:18 PM

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  • Does you computer BIOS report CPU temperature? Usually system BIOS can be accessed by pressing F1 or F2 or DEL key during computer POST

    Let us know if you computer shuts down after 20 – 30 sec of staying in the BIOS?


    Friday, October 22, 2010 2:41 PM
  • Hello ! To amswer the question about whether this is a thermal condition, your note that it seems to work fine in safe mode indicates that it is not a thermal issue, but rather a driver or other (corruption) or bad media issue on the hard drive. The fact that the problem remains in the safe mode with networking tells us there could be a failing driver or hardware associated with the networking cards or adapters...Have you tried disabling the automatic restart on failure feature? At least then you would see a B.S.O.D., along with it's cryptic, yet explanatory messages as to the type and cause of error... Give this a try, and post back here with any error messages you get, and we'll probably be able to help you then. In the meantime, as it is running, defrag the unit, and run a full surface scandisk with the surface scan enabled, so any bad sectors get marked as bad and windows won't try to write to  them. (If it happens--a "bad" sector is written to, it can cause the system to crash whenever it tries to read from it again--that part of the data, and possibly the pointer to the next file or piece of the file is not there--and windows, or any other o.s. will "hang".)...But since you say shuts down, indicates a general fault in a kernel mode driver, I'd bet, and not one windows loads in plain safe mode.  You can also use the event logs in the system tab to see what is written, although the blue screen output is, to me, usually more useful in suggesting the trouble.  File and folder corruption is mainly related to the degree of fragmentation of the hard drive....or malware.
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    Wednesday, October 27, 2010 2:21 PM