Machines Making Connections to Other MDT Servers (Linked Deployment Shares, found using netstat -a) RRS feed

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  • We were running into some problems with our MDT server. Everything was going way slower than normal, after we would log in to our deployment share it would be extermely sluggish and take a good minute to show us the next window in our Deployment.

    To try to debug this issue I opened up a command prompt on our MDT server (This server has MDT and WDS), and ran netstat -a. Everything looked fairly normal, it did have a connection to our other MDT Server, but I blew that off because we are using linked deployment shares to connect the two.

    On the client itself I ran a netstat -a while in the LiteTouch image, and the machine made a connection with our main mdt server, and was attempting to make a connection with our other MDT server. I'll try to get screenshots in the next post.

    The only way that our Main MDT server knows about our other MDT server (Mobile MDT Server) is because they are using a linked deployment share. Maybe you guys can share your knowledge on linked deployment shares with me? I tried searching around but I couldn't find anything about this issue. 

    Thursday, May 16, 2013 2:39 PM