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  • So I have done moderate due diligence, and did some searches already, but wanted to put it out there to all SCOM admins.....One of our major alerting subscriptions is for Logical disk space availability so we are alerted in the event a system or non-system disk gets close to running out of space (That never happens, right?!).....My issue, is that we do not get reminder emails if a server is still low following the first alert.  We get the initial alert a disk is low on space, then it just stays that way until we look at the SCOM active alarms and remember we were supposed to clean up the disk.  There has to be a simple way to setup multiple alerts on a time interval until an alert is cleared.  I saw some power shell scripts, and using rules as opposed to monitors, but nothing seemed to be as easy as this should be.  Any help would be extremely appreciated!
    Wednesday, November 24, 2010 8:14 PM


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    What you are seeing is by design - the monitor will go critical, generate an alert and fire an email. And that is that. It won't remind you every x minutes or hours. Even a rule won't help you there though you could get multiple emails by turning off suppression on a rule (be careful of alert storms if you do that). So in answer to your question - "There has to be a simple way to setup multiple alerts on a time interval until an alert is cleared" - sadly not.

    Jeremy Pavleck posted up a scripted solution which he accurately labelled "nag mode". This might help:




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