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    When we do a room booking for a meeting and search the Room with some custom properties, there is no search results returned. For example, we may experience the following symptoms:

    1. There are some rooms in the Exchange environment.  Only some rooms (13Room1 and delegateRoom in the test environment) have whiteboard included within the room.

    2. We want to book a meeting with a room which has Whiteboard.

    3. When doing a room search, we may be unable to filter with the keyword “Whiteboard” , and no results are returned.



    This problem may occur if the following conditions are true:

    1. The resource custom properties are missing from this Room:

    2. The room display the related properties only because of the msExchResourceDisplay attribute.

    3. The resource custom property (whiteboard) are not listed in the msExchResourceSearchProperties attribute for this room.

    Generally, the msExchResourceSearchProperties attribute is a multi-valued attribute which can be used to do room searching based on the properties. Only the properties listed under the msExchResourceSearchProperties attribute can be used to search resource mailbox.


    To resolve this problem, we can refer to one of the following methods.

    Method 1:  Set Resource Custom properties with Exchange Manager Shell in Exchange server

    Set-Mailbox -Identity 13Room1 -ResourceCustom “Whiteboard”

    If you want to add more custom properties for this room, please run:

    Set-Mailbox -Identity 13Room1 -ResourceCustom @{Add="RoundTable",”TV”}

    Method2: Add the custom properties in the msExchResourceSearchProperties attribute in ADUC

    1. Open the Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC).
    2. Click View, make sure “Advanced Features” is checked.
    3. Go to domain.com > Users, right-click the room, click Properties.
    4. On the Attribute Editor tab, double-click the msExchResourceSearchProperties attribute.
    5. Type the custom properties and add it one by one in the Values list, click OK > OK to save the settings.

    Then in Outlook side, we can search all rooms with resource custom properties:

    More Information

    When you add or set a new resource custom property for a room, you may encounter the following error: The resource search property value "CoffeeMachine" is not valid.

    This is because the property “CoffeeMachine” is not valid in the Resource Property Schema. In other word, Exchange is unable to recognize this value as a resource property selection. We need to add this value to your Resource Property Schema list:

    Set-ResourceConfig -ResourcePropertySchema @{Add="Room/CoffeeMachine"}

    We can also use the Get-ResourceConfig cmdlet to get resource property schema data from Active Directory. Then we can set this property for a room without any issue.

    For more information about Custom Resource Properties of Resource mailbox, please refer to:

    Configure Custom Resource Properties for a Resource Mailbox


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