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    We have been having a tough time trying to eliminate this nagging issue and our IT team at the main campus is not sure where the culprit is.

    Recently, the main campus demoted 2 DCs that was on our campus to be just DNS servers and since then we have had users getting a Bad Username / Password when they try to access their network share drives. The main campus did find a SRV record that was pointing to the demoted DCs and some other entries which they have since removed but we are still seeing people getting this error.

    We have tried removing the stored credential that is shown in Credential Manager, disconnecting the drives, and /flushdns with reboots and they seem to work to some degree, but in the end the issue comes back.  Sometimes we get the Windows Security Box to enter credentials and it still shows it's wrong, no matter which credential is put into it (mine, domain admin, etc).  Sometimes disconnecting the drives and rebooting to force the drives to remap does not work and the GPRESULT shows an error which is pointing to bad username/password.

    Note, when I look at the LOGONSERVER on affected computers, they are pointing to different ones, so it's not the same one at the time of the issue.

    What's interesting is that while we get the Windows Security Box if we go by mapped drive or FQDN and will hang for a while before the box shows but if I go to the file server directly, it goes to the folders without any issues. 

    I am stumped to find our cause.   What is the process for a computer to connect to a network drive?   Does it authenticate first before going to the folder?   If so, how can I find out what server its getting the bad info from?   

    Friday, May 12, 2017 4:38 PM