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  • Good day,

    I have a virtual machine on a host server , it have one virtual hard drive that is fixed size , no snapshots was taken . 2 AVHD files exist that belong to that virtual machine in addition to the original Virtual hard disk:

    harddisk_1.avhd , harddisk_2.avhd , and the original vhd file : harddisk.vhd

    when inspecting the Harddisk on the settings of the VM it shows that

     "differencing virtual hard disk" and it is harddisk_2.avhd , when click on inspect (from within same windows) it shows "differencing virtual hard disk" and it is harddisk_1.avhd , when click on inspect (from within same second windows) it shows "fixed size virtual machine hard disk" and it is harddisk.vhd ....

    how can i get rid of the avhd files ? note that I shut down the VM and start up , but avhd files still exist.

    another question, how did they have been created, I didn't create any snapshot nor added virtual hard disks !!!


    Elias Dayeh

    Thursday, July 4, 2013 9:32 AM


  • Hi Elias,

    maybe someone else create snapshots and deleted them afterwards in Hyper-V.
    Anyway... in Hyper-V (except Win2012), you need to shut down your VM, because this files will only merge into the original VHD as the VM is off.

    Try that, in the Hyper-V Manager you should see "Merging..." for that VM after a few seconds.

    Best Regards,


    Thursday, July 4, 2013 6:31 PM