How to delete record from DNS server with incomplete hostname?


  • Hello Everyone,

    I have a situation where FQDN(NodeName) of my host is partly available. Example below(xxxx is unknown),

    • test1.xxxx
    • test2.xxxx

    Now I want to delete these records from DNS server using below command,

    dnscmd <<ServerName>> /RecordDelete <<ZoneName>> <<NodeName>> A /f

    Would I be able to use above command only with hostname(test1 or test2) in place of <<NodeName>>?

    If not, Please let me know, Is there any way to achieve this?


    Nirav Naik

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  • Hi ,

    Below is the excerpt from TechNet . I havent personally tried deleting the nodename with the example above ( will be doing it later day )

    From the syntax it do require FQDN format.

    Syntax :

    NodeName Specifies a specific node or subtree in the zone. NodeName specifies the node or subtree in the zone using the following:

    • @ for root zone or FQDN
    • The FQDN of a node (the name with a period (.) at the end)
    • A single label for the name relative to the zone root
    Thursday, October 24, 2013 1:10 AM