nvlddmkm.sys BSOD on boot; plus crcdisk.sys BSOD on safe mode RRS feed

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  • I bought my computer at least 6 months ago and have used it without many problems (outside of a file system corruption that Vista caused).  Out of the blue, on reboot I get a BSOD complaining of problems with nvlddmkm.sys, which I gather are very common with Vista + NVidia products; I have a 64 bit system with a 9600M GS 1 Gig from NVidia.

    The catch is that all suggestions to reboot in safe mode and roll back the driver are impossible, because if I try to get into safe mode, I get a BSOD with crcdisk.sys as the culprit.  I gather THAT symptom is caused by other drivers causing trouble.

    Ironically, when my file system was corrupted by vista, I decided it was not reliable enough, and put Ubuntu 9.0.4 on here; with that, I'm able to access my files on the Vista partition, so at least all is not lost.

    Questions for Microsoft experts, from someone who programs daily and works in computer hardware development/reliability for a living:
    1) is there any hope of recovering my system?
    2) why is Vista designed in such a way that an external driver can completely disable the OS?
    3) why do you authorize 3rd parties like Asus to sell a computer with a disk that will whipe a hard drive but not even offer the potential to do a system restore/recovery/repair?
    4) do you find it embarassing that Ubuntu is the savior of my system, and the extent of my Unix experience was a 1 quarter class while I was in high school 10 years ago?
    5) is there any chance I can get downgraded to windows XP, which I have used for years at work without ever having such problems?
    Wednesday, September 2, 2009 7:20 AM